One Profession; Two Certifications

It’s been three years since we launched the STOPSHRM initiative, yet it seems that the industry and the members have accepted the notion of two professional certifications in human resources.

Whether you select HRCI’s designations (PHR, SPHR, etc.) or the SHRM designations (SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP) it all comes down to your competencies and desire to make a difference in the field.

Many thanks to all those who participated in the survey. There were many impassioned comments on both sides of the fence!

Should HR Professionals STOP SHRM from Awarding Credentials?


RESPONDENTS: 818 as of 12/20/2014

On May 12, 2014, SHRM announced a new certification program in direct competition with HRCI’s certifications of PHR, SPHR, GPHR, etc.

A group of HR professionals have questioned this decision by the board of directors, and are discussing the feasibility of stopping SHRM from entering the certification arena without HRCI oversight.

What is your position?

If there is enough member interest in making this cause a reality, we may be able to STOP SHRM by having the board reverse its decision.

If the majority of the HR community wants a SHRM certification in addition to (or instead of) the existing HRCI certifications, the STOP SHRM initiative may never gain traction.

NOTE: Although one survey question inquires about financial assistance, we are not seeking anything but your opinion at this time. We will consider that step pending results from this survey.

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